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Tip:  Use sectional certificates to reward each section the young person has completed.  Celebrating achievements can encourage participants to stay motivated and enthusiastic.

eDofE Leader recorded

All new DofE participants use eDofE to record their DofE programme.

The DofE has developed functionality to allow specific Leaders (or other adults in the participant’s hierarchy) to act in eDofE on behalf of participants who are unable to engage fully in the system because they have additional needs, or are prevented from using technology for cultural/religious reasons.

More detailed information is set out in the Leaders' user guide and if you think you and your participants would benefit from using Leader Recorded chat to your DofE Manager and use this nomination form.


Click here to find out more about the Physical section.


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Signed and subtitled videos

You can view some of our signed and subtitled videos on this page.  Visit our YouTube channel here for the full collection.  You can download these videos for offline use direct from YouTube or from here: