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Welcome to our Expedition Network!

Please note that from 1st April 2015 the expedition notification process for expeditions within Northern Ireland changed.  For full details please visit the Expedition Notification page by clicking here: Northern Ireland notification process


Our contact details are on the right and we would be happy to help you plan and undertake your expedition.

Download our current information pack here.

Download information on Northern Ireland Forestry Service property here.


Due to safety issues we would ask that expedition groups do not use the area around the Inver River at the forest line of Glenariff forest (Grid Ref: 207188) as it is unsafe for groups to be in this area due to the very poor condition of the wall.

We have also been asked that any expeditions taking place in Croghan/Slieveanorra Forest estate for Expedition Supervisors to contact Mr Derek Anderson (07739 539441) prior to the expedition.  It is now grouse season and groups are not permitted to use land on the opposite side of the road from the forest (on the open hillside approaching up the back end of Slieveanorra) during grouse season which starts on 24th April through to mid July.

Mr Anderson has also put a new track in for access up to Croaghan.  This new track has now replaced the area where the previous landslide (118 308) had taken place.  We very much appreciate all the work carried out on the estate and the new access track.

Should you require any further clarification you should contact the DofE Manager for your Licensed Organisation in the first instance.  If you need any further information on specific areas or conditions please contact: Gerry Meehan, Woodhall Residential Centre, 27 Moneygran Road, Kilrea BT51 3SJ, Tel: 028 2954 0762, Fax: 028 2954 1075, Email: [email protected]  


“While the WaterwaysIreland survey of Carnroe Weir has listed it as being in a critical condition, it is not listed in the unsafe category.  Catastrophic failure is very unlikely.  In this scenario WaterwaysIreland sees no reason why customers cannot continue to use Carnroe Lock for passage of canoes in the area as normal. WaterwaysIreland will continue to assess the weir and will advise if the situation changes. “
The River Bann, including the section from Movanagher Weir to Agivey Bridge can be used for DofE practice and final expeditions with the following conditions:
·        Groups follow the recommended canoe route contained in the WaterwaysIreland canoe trail and follow river signage at all times.
·        Groups and Supervisors liaise with Lock Keepers re river conditions, particularly during periods of heavy precipitation.
Should the river be in spate advice must be sought from WaterwaysIreland and the Lock Keepers regarding the use of all sections of the river.
WaterwaysIreland have also provided campsite facilities at Movanagher Weir which groups are encouraged to use.


Contact details

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