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Expedition kit list

These are the items you will need when undertaking a DofE expedition for any level.  This is to be used as a GUIDE only.  Quantities of some items depends on level and duration of expedition.  This includes the suggested personal first aid kit list.  Go here to find some great discounts from our recommended suppliers.

Expedition Training Framework downloads

All expeditions:

Other modes of travel on land:

Expeditions on water:


Go here for detailed information on the DofE's Expedition Areas.


Menu planning flash cards

DofE Approved Activity Provider Lupine Adventure has produced a great series of flash cards to help participants plan expedition menus in a fun way. These cards have been developed to help teach expedition menu planning. There are over 50 cards with different common food types taken on expeditions. Students can use the cards to compare the benefits of different foods and lay them out to make a menu for the day. The cards are individually numbered so if you print off more than one set you can split them up again if mixed up. The numbers are also colour coded between 'Breakfast Only', 'Breakfast / Lunch / Snack' and 'Evening Meal' so you can concentrate on one meal if you wish. There are blank cards at the end if you wish to add your own. Download the pack here.

Expedition food

 Young Reporters Scotland

This guide is intended to support DofE participants and Leaders to take part in Young Reporters Scotland (YRS). It outlines the links between the DofE and YRS.

Emergency texting services

All DofE expedition teams must have accident procedures and an emergency plan in place which are understood and agreed by all participants and staff involved in the expedition and approved by their Licensed Organisation/AAP.

A useful emergency text service is offered by the emergency 999 service, details of which can be found here: http://www.emergencysms.org.uk/how_to_send_text.php   A service is also offered by the 112 EU emergency number, details of which can be found here: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/112-united-kingdom