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The DofE Logo

& Brand Guidelines


At the heart of our brand identity is our logo. It has been specially crafted so that the lettering is unique to us.
  • Never recreate the logo or any of its elements.
  • You must always use the master artwork provided.
  • Do not squash or distort the logo.
  • Don't just grab a logo off the website (like the one above) to use on printed items, it is too low quality.  Download the proper artwork HERE.




The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award logo is a registered trademark, and must only be used by those authorised to do so.
All Licensed Organisations are authorised to use the logo and they can in turn authorise their DofE centres and groups to use it.
Non-DofE groups etc may only use the logo to illustrate a connection with the DofE if it is used in a secondary position to the organisation's own logo.  In other words, it must not be implied by the position or size of the DofE logo that the organisation is DofE-approved or affiliated to the DofE.
You can use the following jpeg to link to our site from your website:
(right-click and save to your computer)


Bespoke logo request

If you would like a DofE logo with your Licensed Organisation/DofE group name only (no job titles, personal names, expedition team names, slogans or event titles, descriptive text etc.  This logo may not be used by AAPs - please use the official AAP logo) as a descriptor to the right, please complete and submit the form below.  This is a free service.  Please allow three working days.   ALL TEXT WILL BE IN CAPITALS.
For use on clothing, you need to use the Merchandise Logo (DofE + crown and Ps in an oval).  For a personalised version of the merchandise logo, please state below that this is what you want. (NB: The descriptor is all in capitals, with the exception of 'St'.)



* required information



Merchandise logo

The Standard logo with the descriptor (name by the side) must not be used on clothing, bags, pens etc...  In these instances, the Merchandise Logo MUST be used.  You can order a bespoke version of the logo free using the form on this page.  The version without the oval line may be used if the item to be printed or embroidered on is of a size that makes the logo too itself too small to be seen clearly.

If you are embroidering the logo, since there are so many formats available, it is impossible for us to provide files to suit your supplier's system, other than the two files below.  These are of the plain merchandise logo.  The supplier can then embroider your group name beneath it in a suitable size, using Arial or Helvetica (not bold) fonts.

The DofE letters, word, name and logos are Registered Trade Marks ®  they must not be used for commercial gain unless a written licence is in place.