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Achievable by all

All our programmes are driven by the following ten guiding principles which are at the heart of everything we do.  These are:

- Non-competitive                 - Balanced  
- Achievable by all        - Progressive
- Voluntary             - Achievment focused  
- Personal development          - Demand commitment 
- Personalised         - Enjoyable

By following these ten guiding principles, we aim to give any young person the opportunity to do their DofE programme, regardless of their personal circumstances.

The value of a DofE Award to a young person can not be underestimated.  The personal and non-competitive nature of a DofE programme meansthat participants from different and diverse starting points can equally proud of achieving a certifiate based on their personal challenge and journey. 

Every section of a DofE programme gives young people an opportunity to be independent, self-sufficient and to be challenged as an individual.

There is support available throughout each section of the programme for anyone involved with The Duke of Edinburgh's Award.  If the information required is not on this website, contact your DofE Regional/Country Office.

An introductory resource can be found here: Guidance for DofE Leaders supporting young people with additional needs.

Download a flyer describing the DofE for those with Additional needs


Signed and subtitled videos

You can view some of our signed and subtitled videos on this page.  Visit our YouTube channel here for the full collection.  You can download these videos for offline use direct from YouTube or from here:





Points to remember:

Individual programmes for individual people: A DofE programme is a personal challenge which is tailor-made to suit personal circumstances.  This will reflect a young person's individual starting point, abilities and interests.

Time: Whilst DofE timescales are expressed in months, participants need to give a regular commitment averaging at least an hour a week during this time.  This hour can be broken down throughout the week, for example in two half-hour sessions if it is better suited to the individual participant.

When and how? Participants can do their DofE activities during their personal time or during school hours if permitted.  The self-development nature of DofE can fit in perfectly with an alternative curriculum or education programme. More information can be found in The Handbook for DofE Leaders available from eDofE Essentials (via eDofE).

DofE in Residential Settings - SIGNED
DofE in Residential Settings - SUBTITLED
Flexible and Inclusive DofE - SIGNED Flexible and Inclusive DofE - SIGNED
Flexible and Inclusive DofE - SUBTITLED