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Below is a list of questions that are commonly asked. Hover over the closest match, to your question, to see the answer.

If you feel this has not answered your query, please do get in contact with the AAP team directly.


What type of accommodation is suitable for a Residential?

Any type of accommodation is suitable as long as the group stay together.


What is not acceptable is individuals staying in separate accommodation, such as homestays.

A group or pair of friends want to book onto a Residential, is this ok?

Participants should ideally join a Residential as an individual.


Participants who know each other should be separated into different groups, this is because developing the social skills to establish new friendships and working relationships, is an essential part of this section.

I have a school group participating in a multi activity week at my centre, does this count as a Residential?

No - one of the key considerations of the Residential section is that participants interact with people they do not know.

I have two DofE participants volunteering at a summer camp, working with 14 full time staff and looking after 500 children. Is this a Residential?

No - DofE participants must be part of a group of five or more, all sharing the same experience. Paid staff cannot count in these numbers.


If in doubt, please contact the AAP Team

Can I count a DofE Expedition as a Residential?

No - The DofE Residential and Expedition sections are separate.


Each section has its own requirements and aims. Due to this there should be no overlap between the DofE Expedition and Residential section dates.

Can work experience be counted as a Residnetial?

No - DofE stipulates that work experience cannot count towards the Residential section. 


Due to the nature of work experience, often this activity type does not meet the 5 considerations of the Residential section.

Do I have to be an AAP to deliver Residential activities?

Unlike the Expedition section, the Residential and Volunteering AAP licences are not compulsory. However there are many benefits to becoming a Residential Approved Activity Provider, find out about these benefits here.


If a Residential AAP licence is not held, it is asked that when advertising a Residential activity not to state that your activity will count towards the Residential section of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.




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