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DofE Leadership Programme

The DofE Leadership Programme is designed to help new (and existing) Leaders develop the skills needed to work with participants and help them get the most out of a DofE programme.

The aims

The DofE Leadership Programme has been designed to enable learners to:

  • Further develop an understanding of the DofE.
  • Be able to advise participants on their DofE programme.
  • Be able to manage the delivery process of a DofE programme.
  • Undertake an active leadership role in a DofE group.

The programme is really aimed at new or less experienced Leaders but there is no reason why Leaders who have been undertaking their role for a while and want to learn more and extend their skills cannot complete the course as well.

The programme has also been designed to help meet the requirements of the Volunteering section for Gold participants who are helping out with a DofE group as part of their Volunteering section activities.

Hopefully, this will help us to ensure that these participants get the most out of their Volunteering section and possibly remain as adults working with the DofE in the longer term.



The programme comprises four main elements:

The e-learning package which forms the first part of the Leadership Programme introduces learners to the concept of leadership, its different styles and asks them to consider when each might be appropriate to be used. Learners complete and print off a Leadership diary, which not only records their progress through the e-learning but acts as the foundation for some of the sessions in the next elements of the leadership programme.

Teamwork/Leadership Skills builds on the work that learners undertook in the pre course elearning and looks at the benefits of working in teams, the difference between a team and a group and the stages of team development.

Managing a DofE Group does what it says, and helps the learner understand what is needed to run a DofE group. Both of the above two elements of the Leadership Programme are supported by an electronic presentation platform, which course directors can use to support the delivery of the course.

Practical DofE Leadership: The practical leadership element of the programme is an opportunity for participants to put their learning into practice. Acting as a Leader or helper at a DofE group, participants take an active role in planning and running programme activities, developing their leadership skills with the guidance of a mentor (a more experienced DofE Leader). As they do so, they complete a Learning log, which records their activities and allows them to demonstrate that they have understood and acted on their learning.

Our Regional and Country Offices are in the process of rolling the course out to Licensed Organisation so, if you want to know more, do get in touch with your local Office.

You can access the online e-learning module here.