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EAAS Registration

The Expedition Assessors Registration Form (EAAS/12) was introduced in December 2012 and can be found here.

The form has been introduced in order to ensure that:

  • All Expedition Assessors are positively linked to any organisation they assess for. Assessors must be accredited with or registered to every organisation they assess for (Expedition Assessors cannot be ‘freelance’).
  • Licensed Organisations (LOs) are made aware that they are responsible for any Assessor who assesses expeditions for them.
  • Expedition Assessors (and LOs) are aware they do not assess for the DofE directly, unless they are a Network Assessor, they assess for the LO.
  • LOs have suitable insurance and other procedures available to cover Assessors. By signing the EAAS/12 LOs are confirming that they are responsible for the Expedition Assessors whilst they are assessing on their behalf.


DofE Managers/AAP Managers:

  • Please ensure that all Assessors who assess for you have completed an EAAS/12 in time for their next assessment with you.


Expedition Assessors:



Moving between LO/AN/AAP

Assessors who move their assessment registration from one Licensed Organisation/Assessor Network/Approved Activity Provider to another (e.g. when moving to a different part of the country), or who wish to assess for multiple LO/AN/AAPs, must complete this form.
(Click here for FAQs about the EAAS12 Registration Form)
Click here for an article on the Registration Form, taken from the January 2014 DofE Magazine.