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Below you'll find some top tips to engage each of the different groups connected to DofE activities in your school.  If you have any other tips to share, please do send them through to [email protected].

 For participants

EXPEDITION GROUPS To help your students to form their expedition groups why not add a list of all participants to a noticeboard so that they can see who else is going and arrange the groups together.  Or send them a letter to let them know what to do.

COMPLETIONS Add a screen shot of your eDofE 'Participant overview' screen to the DofE noticeboard to help identify and encourage those who still have sections to complete.

MAKING PROGRESS To encourage completions you could stipulate that all other sections are completed before a participant is allowed on expedition - you should inform parents too if you choose to implement this.

RECOGNISING ACHIEVEMENT Use sectional certificates as motivation so young people can feel a sense of achievement for each step of their journey.


 For parents

PROGRESS UPDATE Send a light progress report or letter to parents - highlight any participants that still need to submit evidence and give parents guidance on how this can be done.


For your DofE volunteers/helpers/support

RECRUIT The start of term is a great time to recruit for more volunteers - people will be spurred on by their New Year resolutions.  Use your regular staff engagement channels (e.g. noticeboards in the staffroom, pigeon holes, email requests) and invite them along to DofE meetings so they can see what it's all about.  


For teachers, colleagues and student mentors

ENCOURAGING COMPLETIONS Highlight to form tutors and heads of year those students who still need to submit evidence.  Ask tutors to chase as well as adding reminders in pigeon holes, emails and on noticeboards or form time notices.  Consider sharing a list of the last time their students logged in to eDofE as an additional prompt.