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Below you'll find some top tips to engage each of the different groups connected to DofE activities in your school.  If you have any other tips to share, please do send them through to [email protected].

For participants

COMPLETIONS Motivate those with only one section left to complete and ensure they are working towards it.  Give them clear steps and targets to follow and reach to get their Award approved.  Send a letter to those who are completely disengaged, reminding them of the value of a DofE Award and what they need to do to achieve it.


For teachers, colleagues and student mentors

CHASE UP Highlight to form tutors and heads of year those of their students who still need to submit evidence for their sections and ask tutors to follow up as well (you can pop their reminders in their pigeon holes, send tutors an email or slot an announcement into the form time notices).  You can also share with them a list of the last time their participants logged into eDofE to help them keep a track of who is on top and who is lagging behind with their programmes.


For the headteacher and senior management team

PROGRESS UPDATE Schedule in some time to update the headteacher and your senior management team on the progress of your participants.  Use eDofE to provide statistical reports on the number of starts and completions so far.  Also consider giving more personal, anecdotal reports on individual achievements and how the DofE has impacted on the behaviour and attitudes of those taking part. 


For governors and the PTA

PRESENTING ACHIEVEMENTS Attend the governor's meeting and present an update on DofE activities (or contribute to their annual/quarterly report in advance).  Focus on the progress you have made towards your original targets and the positive outcomes so far.  This will help to demonstrate the impact you have made to pupils but also the school environment and show the value of your DofE provision to build support.