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March and April

Below you'll find some top tips to engage each of the different groups connected to DofE activities in your school.  If you have any other tips to share, please do send them through to [email protected].

You (DofE Leader, Co-ordinator, Manager)

PUBLICISE ACHIEVEMENTS Publicise any Awards achieved so far this year on the DofE noticeboard (ask Award holders to write about their experience and display this too) - it will raise awareness of your work and generate interest, as well as encouraging others to complete.

EXPEDITION OPPORTUNITIES If any participants are unable to attend the expeditions run by the school, identify open expedition and AAP opportunities for them (try the Opportunity Finder) so that they are still able to complete within the year (or the following year).

COMPLETIONS Review on eDofE which participants are still needing to complete their programmes - make sure any sections with submitted Programme Planners and Assessor Reports are directly approved.  If a participant's account was created before April 2013 and their Keeping Track booklet is complete - use the 'Achieved Offline' function in eDofE.

PHOTOGRAPHS Don't forget to pack a camera on expedition (and obtain the relevant permissions from parents/guardians) to capture great photos for your DofE reports, publicity, website and presentations.


For participants

DROP IN Invite participants to a drop-in session to support them with their eDofE updates, including uploading evidence and Assessor's Reports and creating their expedition presentations.

ANNOUNCEMENTS Assemblies are often a good time to chase completions - announce those who have already achieved and promote drop-in sessions for those who have nearly completed.

PRESENTATIONS Consider getting Bronze participants to do their presentations on the last day of their expedition to ensure it is completed and not forgotten about.

ADDRESSING BARRIERS Arrange a catch up with those participants who have sections not started or are struggling to complete.  Remind them how close they are and help to identify and address any barriers that they could be facing.


For parents 

PROGRESS UPDATE Send a light progress report or letter to parents - highlighting any participants who are close to completion and needing to submit evidence.  Encourage parents to support their children in completing these elements.  Tell parents to visit the LifeZone (accessible through eDofE) with their son or daughter to discover the benefits of achieving an Award and how it can support their child's future. 

IDENTIFYING BARRIERS Highlight to parents the common barriers to completing a DofE programme and how they can be overcome.  Emphasise the value of achieving a DofE Award and how close their son or daughter is to completion.


For your clerical or administrations teams

ADDITIONAL SUPPORT Call on these teams for support with booking campsites, collecting expedition consent forms and arranging any additional training needed.